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Ezekiel Elliott suspension: Latest news, updates before appeal hearing

2017-08-29, 10:24
Pranešimų: 414
Prisijungta: 2017-05-18, 08:56
{LOCATION} Užsiregistravęs dalyvis #4503
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott's off-field trouble has been the story of the offseason,Womens Dak Prescott Jersey, and it's the reason he will miss a big chunk of the 2017 season.

 the NFL and the NFLPA made the situation more contentious after the league accused the players' union of victim-shaming in preparing its testimony,Elliott was suspended by the NFL due to his involvement in an alleged domestic violence incident with an ex-girlfriend. Following the suspension,Womens Jason Witten Jersey, and the union hit back.

 the NFL suspended then-Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy for 10 games in a domestic violence case,Elliott's suspension is set to be the longest domestic violence suspension the league has levied. In 2015, but the suspension was later reduced to four games by an arbiter.

 Aug. 29,Womens Tyron Smith Jersey,Elliott's appeal will be heard on Tuesday, but there is no timetable for when the NFL will make its decision on whether to reduce his suspension.

 a former league exec who has heard many cases involving the NFL's personal conduct policy, to hear the Elliott appeal. Henderson is best known for hearing the appeals of Hardy and,Womens Zack Martin Jersey, in 2014,NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appointed Harold Henderson, running back Adrian Peterson, whose suspension was upheld by Henderson before it was overturned in federal court.

From Pro Football Talk:

"The league office tells PFT that the Commissioner’s decision will be reviewed under the 'arbitrary and capricious' standard, which means that it would be overturned only if deemed to be arbitrary and/or capricious. This implies that the question will simply be whether the Commissioner got it sufficiently wrong that it seems random and without rhyme or reason.

 the real question is whether Henderson will attempt to resolve the credibility of the witnesses, which is something Goodell didn’t do in making the original decision. This presumes that the NFL will actually be introducing its evidence,"For Elliott,Authentic Dak Prescott Jersey, including testimony from Tiffany Thompson."

 Broncos and 49ers, the Cowboys could expect wins against the Rams,Authentic Jason Witten Jersey, at least. The Rams went 4-12 last season,The Cowboys should be able to make it through a few of these games without Elliott. If quarterback Dak Prescott returns with the same form as 2016,Authentic Tyron Smith Jersey, and the Cardinals went 7-8-1. The Broncos went 9-7 last season.

The opener against the Giants will likely be much more difficult,Authentic Zack Martin Jersey, as well as the Week 5 matchup with the Packers. Elliott will be eligible to return to the field Oct. 29 against the Redskins.

 2016. She alleged that Elliott assaulted her in a parking lot. The woman told police the couple had lived together,Authentic Travis Frederick Jersey, but Elliott said they never lived together. Police did not charge Elliott because, according to the police report,Womens Travis Frederick Jersey,Elliott's ex-girlfriend reported domestic violence to police July 22, they could not determine that the woman was living with Elliott at any time, and the victim's statements conflicted with those of Elliott and the witnesses.

The NFL on Aug. 11 announced Elliott would be suspended without pay for the first six games of the 2017 NFL season. The NFL stated Elliott violated the league's personal conduct policy. The NFL's statement said this suspension was levied after an "extensive investigation" in which it consulted with Tiffany Thompson, the woman who accused Elliott.

" while the NFL's personal conduct policy operates under "preponderance of evidence,Elliott was suspended by the NFL even though he wasn't charged by the police because of differing burdens of proof. The burden of proof for law enforcement is "beyond a reasonable doubt," which means the NFL will believe a crime has been committed if it believes it is more likely that a crime did happen than that it didn't.

Elliott's attorneys released a statement after the suspension was announced. The statement called the NFL's investigation "replete with factual inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions."

Then came a report Elliott's appeal would hone in on his ex-girlfriend's statements and alleged threats to ruin his career. This prompted the NFL to release a statement that accused the NFLPA of using victim-shaming tactics. The NFLPA responded with a statement that called the NFL's statement a lie and alluded to other missteps in handling domestic violence by the NFL.


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